Samuele and Daniela

Pleased to welcome you on Indagini e Misteri! We are Samuele and Daniela, the founders of the blog and the authors of the articles. Indagini e Misteri is the exploration diary where we write and share the studies and experiences we have during our travels.

Traveling has a profound meaning; it is not only about physically going to a place, but it means immersing oneself in history and trying to understand different cultural dimensions. Curiosity, the spirit of discovery, is the wind that propels the sails of knowledge.

Why Indagini e Misteri? Investigation for us means observing the remains and great monuments of past civilizations, as well as uncovering the little mysteries, the faint and concealed traces, sometimes non-material, that reveal the thoughts and cultures of those peoples who have preceded us. Symbols, myths and rituals represent precious and fascinating evidence of the long journey that human beings have made until today.

The name of the blog reveals the method we use to conduct our cultural researches. The investigations are based on documentary sources, scientific studies, evidence provided by archaeology and art, as far as possible by observing evidence in situ. Each investigation starts from mysteries that one wants to solve, enigmas hidden in the folds of history.

Samuele and Daniela, the authors of Indagini e misteri

I am passionate about traditions and cultures, have a PhD in development economics and have worked for FAO dealing with sub-Saharan African countries. I am a tough cookie and get excited about new adventures or at the sight of ancient architecture.


I have a degree in forensic biology and work for the Italian Ministry of Culture. For pleasure I study unusual and ancient things, such as unclear symbols or enigmatic apotropaic rites. I pursue the mystery through adventure but inexplicably it is is always one step further.


The map of our travels

See you soon at the next adventure!

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