The search for the Holy Grail



The Altopascio Tau Knights
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  Altopascio and the Tau Knights In the Tuscan branch of the Via Francigena, the ancient way that led pilgrims to Jerusalem, there is the nice village of Altopascio. Here, before 1084, there had been the Spedale “edificatus in locus … Read More

The city of Lucca, a labyrinth of mysteries
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Lucca, a city with a great cult tradition, located along the Via Francigena, outpost of the Christianity. Among the dichromate marbles of the Tuscany Romanesque some existential and eschatological timeless questions are hidden; an ancient and unknown labyrinth, engraved on … Read More

The Holy Face of Lucca, historical analysis and recent studies
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Recent scientific analysis conducted on the famous relic of the Holy Face of Lucca have shed new light on the history and importance of the wooden crucifix.   The Holy Face The Holy Face  is a wooden crucifix,  venerated as … Read More

The 5 mysteries of Venice
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The city of Venice has ancient origins and a glorious history. Its oldest core corresponds to Riva Alta, or Rialto headquarter, where a first urban settlement is attested since the half of the 5th century. Since 697 a.C. Venice was … Read More

History and mysteries of the Knights Templar
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    The Sigillum of the Knights Templar, a symbol of brotherhood.   Introduction The order of the Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonis (Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon) was born in Holy Land during the … Read More

The sword in the stone, the myth begins in Tuscany
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  A proud knight, the Holy Grail, the sword in the stone and … Camelot … or maybeTuscany! In the midst of enchanting natural landscapes, in a place of essential mysticism and extraordinary artistic importance, is located the Hermitage of … Read More

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