Mythical dimensions and rituals



Myths and rituals of ancient Sardinia
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The meaning of the rite. Since the dawn of humanity, and simultaneously with the development of the first civilizations, complex systems of rituals and symbols were born. The term rite derives from the Sanskrit, rta, which means order, repetition. The … Read More

A journey into the past in Paestum
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Visiting the Archaeological Park of Paestum means travelling back in history. The site contains, as in a gap of a universe suspended in time, millennia of extraordinary history, which can be reached along its stony paths. From prehistory to the … Read More

The Lion-man, the oldest sculpture in the world
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In 1939, during a series of archaeological excavations at the Hohlenstein-Stadel cave in Germany, some fragments of a singular sculpture were found. It was immediately called “the Lion-Man”. However, the most extraordinary detail is not the curious features, but rather … Read More

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