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The articles and our travel reports, discovering the mysteries of Italy

Mysterious Italy




The symbols we studied and their meaning throughout history




The investigations about the most important relics of the Christianity. It includes a focus over the Middle Age and the Knights Templar 

The search for the Holy Grail



The archive of the anthropological studies, myths and rites, from the prehistory, the Ancient Egypt to the modern age

Mythical dimensions and rituals



Uncertain historical sources, manuscripts, engravings, even whole lives hidden in the mystery

Stranger histories



Mystery as interior expression of the human existence and its representation by art

Art and mystery’s philosophy

Discovering Indagini e Misteri

Indagini e Misteri is a blog of travel and adventure, that originates from the passion and personal research of its authors, Samuele and Daniela. It was born as an instrument of critical investigation aimed at deepening the sense of the mystery in the history and art, throghout the study of ancient cultures, of its symbols and iconic objects.

Indagini e Misteri is an ideal frontier, since it is located on the boundary among different ancient cultures, civilizations, ages and contexts, as a priviliged observer. This is the epoché of the ancient Greeks, the suspended judgment, accompanied by a strict historical-scientific approach which can lead the spirit of the discovery.

Latest articles

Magic Numbers: the Golden Ratio

    Geometry has two big treasures: one is the Pythagoream theorem; the other is the division of a segment according to the medium and…

The Flower of Life, symbology and meaning

The Flower of Life is an ancient decorative symbol. It is characterized by a particular geometry composed through overlying circles with an exagonal symmetry, which…

The Palatine Tables of Metaponto

On the right shore of the Bradano river, inside the archaeological area of Metaponto, there are the remains of ancient columns. These seem to overcome…

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