Emilia Romagna

  • The Lombard Monasteries way

    The Lombard Monasteries way

    In the Middle Ages, pilgrimage had a fundamental importance for social life. It was not just a journey, a slow walk along the road, but it represented a true missio, a special frame of meaning for the existence. The pilgrimage, through a concrete sacrifice, made it possible to experience the vicissitudes of Christ and to…

  • The Romanesque in Emilia and its protagonists

    The Romanesque in Emilia and its protagonists

    During the 11th and 12th century Europe faced a process of political, social and artistic renovation. In this period the feudalism and the communes originated, particularly in Italy. The Romanesque was an architectural and artistic style that mostly reflected the social renovation. It was an ornamental manifestation and had a fundamental role for the Medieval…

  • The magic symbolism of Ferrara

    The magic symbolism of Ferrara

    Today Ferrara is the keeper of an important and diversified Renaissance heritage: from the noble palaces to the masterful Este Castle, from the extraordinary Cathedral of San Giorgio to the innovative urban structure, each element seems to be permeated by history and beauty. The city has also a mysteric atmosphere, trapped in complex systems of…

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