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The symbology of the Omphalos

The Omphalos


The Omphalos (also known as Sacred Center) belongs to a rich set of exoteric symbols, largely used for decoratives scopes and with a great symbolic tradition. This fascinating symbol corresponds to eight linear segments converging towards a central point of a square. According to history it probably derives from the Greek concept of Omphalos, a sacred stone located in the temple of Apollo in Dephi. This stone ideally indicated the own centre of the whole world.




The Omphalos of Delphi


The Sacred Centre symbolyzes the origin of the Universe, the beginning of everything and the singularity without dimensions, from which the matter was generated. It is even the final point of the existence because everything inevitably comes back towards its creator.


Christian reinterpretation of the Omphalos

The Sacred Centre reinterpreted on a Christian view, especially in the medieval period, then assumes the significance of God, creator and ultimate purpose of all the things. For this reason it was largely used by various monastic-chivalric orders, like the Knights Templar.

Like the Merels Board, that reproduces a board of a game, the Sacred Centre corresponds to another one: the Alquerque, probably originated in the Middle East.


A representation of the ancient game called Alquerque


Samuele Corrente Naso

(Translation by Daniela Campus)

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