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The 5 mysteries of Venice
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The city of Venice has ancient origins and a glorious history. Its oldest core corresponds to Riva Alta, or Rialto headquarter, where a first urban settlement is attested since the half of the 5th century. Since 697 a.C. Venice was … Read More

The unknown knight and other mysteries of Bergamo
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Bergamo has ancient origins. The Orobii period attests the first settlement from the Orobii, a Celticized-Ligurians population who lived in the area where the city is placed during the Iron Age. Pliny the Elder [1] affirmed that “Como, Bergamo and … Read More

Who were the ancient Sardinians? The mystery of the origins and the Nuragic language

Sardinia, with its history, customs and its lively language represents an inimitable unicum. So sunny, simple and frank like its population, as mysterious sentinel of a glorious and unknown past. A past that lives in the hearts of the Sardinian … Read More

Mysteries of Rome, volume 2: The Alchemical Door and the lost Villa Palombara

Rome is the city in the word that mostly evokes ancient glories and extraordinary historical events. Moving along the stone pavement leading to the Colosseum until the Circus Maximus, or moving across the Imperial Fora and the triumphal arches of … Read More

History and mysteries of the Knights Templar
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    The Sigillum of the Knights Templar, a symbol of brotherhood.   Introduction The order of the Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonis (Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon) was born in Holy Land during the … Read More

The last day of Lucius Vetutius Placidus in Pompeii
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  On the slopes of the Mount Vesuvius, in the quiet city of Pompeii, Indagini e Misteri tells the chronicle of a dramatic day. The life of Lucius Vetutius Placidus is the pretext to reconstruct the events of that tragic … Read More

Myths and rituals of ancient Sardinia
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The meaning of the rite. Since the dawn of humanity, and simultaneously with the development of the first civilizations, complex systems of rituals and symbols were born. The term rite derives from the Sanskrit, rta, which means order, repetition. The … Read More

The mysteries of Sardinia
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An extraordinary island located in the midst of the Mediterranean sea, ancient and unknown civilizations, imposing megalithic constructions: Indagini e Misteri comes to Sardinia to lead a fascinating adventure. Where the mother earth and the rock merge in a mystic … Read More

The Cross Pattée and the Maltese Cross
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The Cross Pattée is one of the identification symbols of the Knights of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is a little red cross that the Knights Templar had on their armors. The symbolism was usually white or black for sergeants, … Read More